THe secret to generate leads with Messenger

The most important thing when building your business inside messenger is “open conversations”

What we are doing in utilising the open conversations to almost create a retargeting campaign that uses messenger to market to the people who have raised their hand by entering the competition.

Contest structure and rules

Needs to be high perceived value, something like a free holiday or car, etc this creates buyer pressure, the feeling someone gets when they are not constantly being sold to

Run the contest for 7-10, promote like crazy and incentivise people to tag, share and invite people to enter, this is where the virality comes from

Spend time on facebook, IG linked in, groups, quora, forums, etc

Spend between $30-$50 per day promoting your contest

The goal is to get around 1000 open conversations

You then use the broadcast to announce the winner and you want to tag them in the post for authenticity and provide and unannounced runner up prize

Step 1: Like or heart the contest post

Step 2: Like my page

Step 3: Comment below (If using a click to messenger ad, you would just say click here for the final step immediately in messenger)

When get the message, get them to reply to the message, so they become a subscriber

Build a keyword engagement inside of the system that looks for the word “contest or competition” so it sends them a message letting them know that they are in.

If you have an ecom store you could give them a discount of 20% in your store for say 72 hours, just an example, you can do whatever you want

Set up a sponsored ad to run a few days after the contest has finished giving them a great deal on the thing they entered to win

(emoji) SWEEPSTAKES – Win a unlimited chatbot and course on how to generate floods of leads, subscribers and even sales

How to win:

Step1: Like and share this post

Step 2: Comment below letting me know what business you’d grow with this messenger chatbot

Step 3: We will instantly send you a message with a link and instructions on how to enter

This contest is a pre opening contest for my brand new business venture where my goal is to help business owners like yourself, create a business using messenger

Want a high chance to win?

Step 4: You get 1 point for a thumbs up…  2 points for a love heart + smiley face or shocking face… IMPORTANT thumbs up + angry face does not count


If you tag a friend, you entry will be accounted twice



One commenter will receive a chatbot for life

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